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February Controller's Office Reminders

February 27, 2023

World Travel, Inc. (WTI)

The WTI rollout is underway, and various departments throughout YSM have been participating in a pilot. This new travel booking system will assist the university in ensuring its compliance with federal grant requirements. Contact with questions regarding this new platform and service, including requests for training.

IRS Mileage Rate Increase Effective January 1, 2023

Effective January 1, 2023, the standard mileage rate for business use of an automobile increased from 62.5 cents to 65.5 cents per mile. The standard mileage rate for use of an automobile for medical or moving purposes remains 22 cents per mile. These mileage rates are applicable to expenses paid or incurred on or after January 1, 2023. Contact Christine Harvey, Manager – Tax & International Compliance ( in the university’s Tax department with questions.

NIH Salary Cap Increase

In a recent OSP Newsflash, it was noted that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released new guidance regarding the salary cap. Per the Newsflash, “Grant applicants and contract offerors can use the new salary limitation for Executive Level II of $212,100 when preparing grant applications and contract proposals. The new salary cap applies to awards from the NIH, CDC, AHRQ, SAMHSA, and other DHHS organizations.” For questions regarding the salary cap, contact your OSP Proposal Manager.

Centralized Billing Accounting Process Reminders

  • When an invoice is created in Workday, the revenue and any associated assessment is posted immediately. Note: Assessments are run in conjunction with the month-end financial statement close process.
  • Each business office is required to continue to monitor revenue posted and review the Non-Sponsored Receivables Aging Detail by Cost Center - Yale report that the YSM Controller’s Office’s Centralized Billing team distributes quarterly.
  • If a change needs to be made to the COA for revenue that has been generated through an invoice, Centralized Billing can correct the COA prior to payment. Do not post a manual journal entry unless payment has been received. If a manual journal entry is posted, always reference the original CI-##### and any other items that were changed to achieve a proper audit trail.
  • If an invoice has been created in error or as a duplicate, it can be cancelled.
  • If an invoice is deemed uncollectable, it will be written off as bad debt, and the department will see the debit posted to bad debt expense. The original credit does not change in this instance. This will show up in the Cost Center approver’s inbox in Workday. Please approve or contact with questions.
  • The Centralized Billing team continues to monitor cash sale postings; therefore, please ensure that invoices are submitted through
  • Treasury receives a large volume of payments/wires and having the invoice in the accounts receivable system makes is easier for the payment to be applied to the correct COA.
  • A user cannot tell whether an invoice has been paid by using the Detailed Transactions – Yale report. This report, however, does provide the CI number and the customer name. The Non Sponsored Billing Details - Yale report may also be run. Filter to customer/cost center/paid status.
  • A user can determine if an invoice has been paid by typing the CI number into the Workday search bar or by running the Non-Sponsored Receivables Aging Detail by Cost Center - Yale report. If the invoice has been paid, it will no longer be included in this report.
  • VA IPAs – The department is required to monitor the revenue coming in and the IPA salaries that are charged. The Centralized Billing team does not have access to salary information and invoices per the contract only. Please send all new contracts and contract modifications to

Supplier Change Requests

In last quarter’s newsletter, we spoke about the differences between customers and suppliers and included a link for customer setup. To request supplier changes, complete Form 3205 FR.09 Supplier Change Request and email it to Additional details regarding supplier setup and change can be found here.

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on February 28, 2023