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Customer Names Required for Clinical Trials

November 10, 2022

Per Yale University guidelines, all individuals and entities with whom the university interacts must be clearly identified and be associated with a unique Workday customer number. The Workday customer setup process screens all customers to ensure that the university is not transacting with a restricted party or country; therefore, it is imperative that all users are in compliance with university policy.

It has been discovered that there are a number of invoices flowing through OnCore into the Workday Non-Sponsored Accounts Receivable module with a generic customer name of “OnCore”. This is not allowed. In coordination with the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) and the Yale Cancer Center (YCC), a step will be implemented during the setup of the clinical trial to ensure a valid customer name and number is identified at that time. It is the department’s responsibility to provide this information. Should this information be omitted, there is a risk that setup of the clinical trial will be delayed or possibly denied.

A cleanup effort is currently underway, and any department who has not identified a Workday customer will be contacted for further information to correct this issue moving forward. If a customer is not currently set up in Workday, please complete the Yale University Customer Registration Form.

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on November 10, 2022