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Beatrix: Update Your Contact Information

November 13, 2022

All faculty and staff are encouraged to check their profile pages to assure that the correct contact information is listed.

The most critical points of contact are your “Academic Office” and “Appointment” phone number (if applicable). Your Academic Office number generally displays as your primary contact phone. And if you are a Yale Medicine specialist who sees patients, your “Appointment” phone number is used as your primary point of contact for patients looking to make an appointment with you. Please note that if your department is already scheduling appointments through the Yale Medicine CARE Center, you may not be able to edit this phone number.

To update your contact information: 

  1. Visit your Contact Info section in Beatrix
  2. Edit your contact information. To display phone numbers and locations the public/private toggle should be green.
Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022