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Beatrix: Patient Care Information

November 13, 2022

Tips for managing your presence on the website.

The patient care tab on the profile is used to manage your presence on the Yale Medicine website which is the patient facing portal. The Yale Medicine staff will work with you on your patient-friendly bio and video. Find out more about getting a headshot, biography, and video for patients on the MyYSM intranet for YSM faculty and staff.

Only caregivers whose credentials have been accepted are approved for display on the Yale Medicine Website. Do check the settings on this tab so that you won’t miss referrals or consultation leads. Also, make sure your contact information and locations are up to date on the Overview tab. You can read more about the most critical fields to fill out for your specialist profile in the MyYSM faculty and staff intranet.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022