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Beatrix: How to Submit an Event to the Calendar and Suggest It to the Weekly YSM Events Newsletter

November 13, 2022

Submitting and tagging in the YSM Events calendar

Using the Beatrix’s calendar tool allows you to use the database to easily share your event across the school,—through the weekly YSM Events newsletter—with other departments and labs.

Visit the YSM Profile System (

  • Log in using your NetID and Password
  • In the profile system, Navigate to the Calendar item in the top navigation
    • Click Submit an Event to create a new event.
    • If you have approver access for a calendar, click the Suggested Events menu item in the left navigation to review the events suggested to the calendars you manage.

Learn More: Event Calendar

Tagging your event 

Properly tagging your event signals the database how and where to share your event. For example, if you tag a faculty member, any organization or department that they are affiliated will have the event suggested to them.

Likewise, you can specifically request it be submitted to particular departments or programs if the event is co-sponsored or of mutual interest. For example, if you are sponsoring a talk on cardiovascular risk among older people during heatwaves, you may want to suggest the event be posted in the calendars for Cardiology, Aging, and Climate Change and Health.

Best practice: To Submit your event to the YSM Events Newsletter, check Yale School of Medicine under Popular Calendars.

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Submitted by Denise Meyer on November 14, 2022