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Bioinformatics Workshop Series - Session 1: Intro to annotation of gene expression data. (In-Person)

Registration is required. View workshop details here.

The Bioinformatics Support Hub has designed this hands-on teaching series for researchers interested in learning the basic steps for re-analysis of publicly available bulk-RNAseq data. You will learn basic concepts concerning genomic data annotation and vocabulary, where to find bulk RNAseq data to re-analyze, how to perform differential gene analysis in RStudio and with point-click proprietary software, how to visualize your results, how to find transcription factors that may be regulating differentially expressed genes, and finally different approaches to perform gene pathway analysis. *Registration for October sessions will open at the end of September.

Session 1. Intro to annotation of gene expression data

Genome annotation is the process of identifying functional and structural elements along the sequence of a genome. Attendees to this introductory session will learn— by using an example— how to find the right reference genome for their analysis and online annotation tools and available annotations (e.g., exons, introns, SNPs, database identifiers, orthologs, ontologies). The online version of Biomart (table browser of Ensembl), NCBI datasets, and other online tools will be used with an example dataset.Attendees of this session will learn:

  • Basic concepts/vocabulary for transcriptomics analysis.
  • Where to find the right assembly or reference genome to use in their analysis
  • What are the different types of genomic annotations and what tools are used to annotate datasets
  • How to use Enbsembl Biomart and NCBI datasets, and other tools to batch annotate list


Target audience: These classes are meant for novices in bulk RNAseq analysis, with none to minimal knowledge in R programming.

Seating – in-person classes are limited to 16 places.

Registrations - open to all interested. However, seating will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

Recording – we will record the sessions so you can follow asynchronously.



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    Free: Registration is required.


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