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Jubanyik co-authors book on strategies for staying safe and coping during COVID-19

July 24, 2020
by Cat Urbain

For all of us struggling to stay informed on COVID-19, Beat the Coronavirus: Strategies for Staying Safe and Coping with the New Normal During the COVID-19 Pandemic, offers practical advice from medical experts on how to stay safe, as well as how to adapt to major changes in our lives. Written by Karen Jubanyik, MD and Joseph Lasica, Beat the Coronavirus is a handbook, health guide, and pandemic roadmap. Written in plain English, the book answers urgent questions about COVID-19 and the pandemic, offering dozens of actions you can take right now to keep you and your family safe. Beating COVID-19 answers questions such as, ‘What kind of face mask should I wear in public, and when?’ And ‘Should I worry about sending my children back to school?’.

In the words of a reviewer "The great COVID shutdown marks an historic time when the globe is battling an unpredictable viral pandemic—one that requires we pool all our expertise and resources towards survival. In this light, the recently published Beat the Coronavirus is a remarkable resource that puts disease surveillance, epidemiology, mental health, virology, internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and critical care expertise at our finger tips. This book is a powerful beacon of collective truths that puts order to chaos by informing us how the virus is transmitted, how to prevent infection, what to expect if we develop COVID-19, and when to seek immediate medical care. This compelling read reminds us of our civic duty to change the public narrative and correct the myths that threaten to undermine the public health."

Submitted by Justin Laing on July 24, 2020