Welcome to the O'Connor Lab

The O'Connor laboratory, is part of the Department of Neurology and program in Human Translational Immunology (HTI) at Yale University School of Medicine. The aim of our research is to further elucidate the role that B cells play in disease. We are specifically interested in defining the mechanisms by which B cells, and the antibodies they produce, affect tissue damage in autoimmunity and participate in tumor biology. To this end we are engaged in determining the specificity of autoantibodies and understanding the mechanisms by which B cells organize in autoimmune tissue. Areas of special interest in our autoimmunity program include multiple sclerosis, inflammatory myopathy, and myasthenia gravis. Our cancer program is currently focused on meningiomas and germ cell tumors.

Hypothesis of Auto Ab Production in MG

Principal Investigator

Kevin C O'Connor, PhD

Associate Professor of Neurology

Dr. Kevin O'Connor's interview at the Nancy Davis Foundation in Los Angeles, Spring 2012