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Yale Biological Embedding, Global Research & Intervention Network (BEGIN)

Mission Statement

The Yale Biological Embedding, Global Research & Intervention Network (BEGIN) seeks to better understand the biological embedding of adversity and mobilize this new knowledge to inform health policy. In doing so, we seek to improve health outcomes for families across socioeconomic gradients and sociocultural contexts. To achieve this goal, we will build a network of colleagues bridging biological, social, and political sciences to ensure that we are well-positioned to effect meaningful change in the health and well-being of families locally and internationally.

As a foundation for engagement, the BEGIN Faculty Network is guided by the following principles:
  • Commitment to Health, Environmental and Economic (Triple Bottom Line) Justice: advance racial, health, environmental, environmental and income equity
  • Strengthen alignment with Environmental Sustainability & Resiliency, Social Determinants of Health, Stressors and Adversity
If you are interested in joining BEGIN, contact Kieran O’Donnell or Barbara "Suzi" Ruhl.