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Digital Media for Health Outcomes

Applying the Science of Social Media to Behavior Change
The Digital Media for Health Outcomes course, developed in partnership with the Ad Council, African Union | Africa CDC, Population Services International (PSI), and UNICEF, will focus on social and behavior change communication. Learners will be able to understand behavioral insights as a foundation for behavioral change; how to surface relevant insights to identify potential levers for change; identify a target audience; design strategic messages based on evidence-based messaging guidance; explore and illustrate best practices for health campaign creatives; plan a digital communication strategy; and evaluate campaign outcomes by understanding ad metrics, survey data, and health outcomes.

This course is comprised of five modules available on Coursera. For each module, you will spend approximately 2-4 hours reviewing the course material, including video presentations from Dr. Saad Omer and partner experts. All who complete the course will earn a Yale Certificate.

This course was financially supported by Meta Platforms, Inc.