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SHI Fellows

SHI fellows are full-time, second-year Yale graduate students with experience and interest in global health innovation. They provide peer support and coaching to teams in SHI’s venture development program and act as SHI ambassadors within the Yale community. Fellows meet weekly with student teams to help them achieve milestones, offer technical support, and ensure they utilize Yale innovation resources.


  • Sustainable Health Initiative Fellow

    Cathy Jian is a Health Policy MPH candidate ('25) and a Sustainable Health Initiative Fellow. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and leveraging digital technologies to advance humanitarian and health equity efforts globally. Cathy focuses on balancing the benefits of innovation with associated risks, particularly through the regulation and governance frameworks of artificial intelligence, machine learning, clinical decision support systems, and natural language processing. Her contributions to public health span research and policy development, including innovating communication methods for stem cell donation, reforming Ontario's specialist referral system, developing indicators to measure physician engagement, implementing free programs to promote sexual health and wellness, and creating software/hardware solutions to public health problems. Her work has garnered over six awards, and she was recognized as a deCODE Fellow for her coding and design efforts. Exploring the regulatory landscape, she has collaborated with legislators on AI and cybersecurity bills in public health and developed a novel legislative management tool using generative AI. She also serves as a Health Policy Fellow at the Alliance for Health Policy in Washington, DC, focusing on federal AI policy, innovation, and regulation.
  • Sustainable Health Initiative Fellow

    Bianca Taya is a second-year MPH candidate in Biostatistics. She is interested in the intersection of healthcare advancement business, digital innovation, and data-driven decision making. She received a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Math from Boston University. She has had experience in business analytics, reporting, data management, marketing, operations and project management in different industries, including insurance, academic institution, consulting, e-commerce, early-stage startup and therapeutics. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, she prefers the crispness of New England fall and winter over the sweltering summer days. In her free time, she does Pilates almost daily.