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YIGH Student Fellows

Each academic year, YIGH brings onboard Yale students and trainees to support the Institute’s programs and initiatives. To date, Fellows have worked with YIGH faculty and staff to support the Sustainable Health Initiative, Conversation Series, Faculty Support Initiative, and other activities. These paid opportunities are available to all students and trainees from across campus. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, reach out to Mike Skonieczny.

Current Fellows

  • Mikaili Charlemagne

    NGN Fellow

    NGN Fellow, Yale Institute for Global Health

    As an NGN Research Fellow, Mikaili plays a vital role in collaborating with the core NGN team to ensure the efficient coordination of faculty network activities.
  • Jacqueline Kaskel

    YIGH Global Health Ethics Fellow

    Jacqueline participates in planning, coordinating, and executing global health ethics training for students, conducting literature reviews and assisting with updating global health ethics curriculum as needed and contributing to and/or leading the writing of peer-reviewed publications.
  • Kaylin Mahal Smith

    YIGH Programs Fellow

    Kaylin supports the Conversation Series and the cultivation of partnership and development opportunities.
  • Lyah Tabu

    YIGH Network Fellow

    Lyah supports the YIGH Faculty Networks and monitors their growth and activities, with responsibilities such as scheduling meetings and maintaining updated Network membership lists.