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Mission Statement

MalarYale is a multidisciplinary group of researchers throughout Yale focused on tackling the intolerable burden of malaria. Our collaborative network aims to integrate studies of the host, parasite, and vector, both within the institution and with our international partners.

MalarYale is a network of researchers working throughout Yale on tackling various aspects of malaria. The group benefits from a broad range of expertise, with efforts focused on the host, parasite, and vector. MalarYale researchers have projects in nearly a dozen countries, including Africa and South America, focused on all malaria species. Our vector group has insectaries both domestically and internationally to probe aspects of vector biology, genetics, and epidemiology. The goal of MalarYale is foster collaboration within Yale and beyond, and to tackle problems in malaria where multifaceted approaches are needed. The network meets monthly, and we encourage anyone in the Yale community and beyond to join the fight against this ancient pathogen.

If you are interested in joining this Network, contact Sunil Parikh.

Faculty Network Spotlight: MalarYale

After over a decade in steady gains in malaria, the past several years has seen a frustrating stall in progress resulting from challenges arising in every facet of this complex parasite’s life cycle, specifically on the sides of treatment, preventention, and diagnostic front. MalarYale faculty are trying to develop tools to tackle the complexity of the disease, including the Bei, Parikh, Ben Mamoun, Fikrig, and Vinetz labs.