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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being an Affiliated Faculty member at YIGH?
YIGH affiliation provides:

  • funding and awards for Yale faculty, including the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award and Global Health Spark Award;
  • letters of support for grant applications;
  • receiving the Global Health Update monthly e-newsletter;
  • mentions in appropriate YIGH communications, amplifying school and department-based efforts through social media sharing/retweets, and more;
If you are interested in becoming an affiliated faculty member of YIGH, please contact Michael Skonieczny.
I am interested in finding faculty who are working in global health. Where can I look?

You can search YIGH-Affiliated faculty by keyword or where they work. In addition, we encourage you to explore our YIGH Faculty Networks for potential colleagues or collaborators working in your area of global health interest – or to find new areas of global health interest!

How do I get a letter of support from YIGH for my funding application?

YIGH is available to provide support for funding applications related to global health. If you would like to receive a letter of support for an application for funding, please email Michael Skonieczny.

I’m starting a field site in another country. Where do I go for help?

The following Yale offices are good places to start if you are interested in hiring, deploying personnel, developing Memoranda of Understanding or contracts, exploring international tax obligations, and many other specific considerations for people working internationally:

Office of General Counsel
International Operations and Compliance Committee
International Tax Office

You can also set up a consultation with a YIGH team member by emailing Michael Skonieczny. We’d be happy to talk with you about your specific interests, needs, and queries to direct you to the appropriate office and/or people at Yale.

The following websites also provide funding opportunities for global health: