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Leadership in Global Health Fellowship

The Mission

Emerging pandemic infections, the dramatic rise in non-communicable diseases, planetary health, and other issues will be at the forefront of complex global health challenges in the next decade. To meet these challenges, YIGH aims to contribute to the development of future global health leadership by training aspiring young professionals who have a wide-ranging passion for and understanding of the critical importance of good health for a just and equitable society. The Leadership in Global Health Fellowship prepares the future generation of global health professionals through a comprehensive program that includes placement in a high-impact internship. The program is a partnership between the Yale Institute for Global Health, the Global Health Studies Program at the Jackson School for International Affairs, and the Yale School of Public Health Office of Career Services.

The Program

YIGH will select Yale students and trainees from across campus to participate in a high-impact internship. Past placements have included GAVI, the Global Fund, the International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, UNDP, and the World Bank. To prepare for the internship, Fellows will participate in a one-day orientation focused on building relationships within the group, learning about the institutional landscape in global health and discussing key concepts of professional integrity and leadership. Throughout the summer, Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in consultations to reflect on their experience and receive support from the program. The program concludes in the early fall with a final gathering to share reflections on their experiences and lessons learned. Applications for the 2024 program are closed.


In partnership with the Global Health Studies Program and the YSPH Office of Career Services, YIGH will support costs for the program including travel, lodging, and other expenses. Each Fellow will prepare a budget to support their summer placement.