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Faculty Networks

Fostering YIGH Faculty Networks ranks high among YIGH’s priorities. A YIGH Faculty Network refers to a group of Yale faculty members who coalesce to form a long-term, collaborative academic and/or research partnership centered on a thematic or geographic area. Faculty in a Network identify as members and share collective goals to forge new, interdisciplinary collaborations to tackle some of the most intractable issues in global health. YIGH provides administrative, structural and financial support to foster and nurture these Faculty Networks and help them pursue external funding and internal funding such as the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award.
Faculty are invited to join one of the established YIGH Faculty Networks across Yale University that bring together colleagues across different disciplines with a shared research interest to support and collaborate on research projects.

Please reach out to the Network lead/co-lead if you are interested in joining a YIGH Faculty Network.
The Yale Global Addiction Network is a multidisciplinary group focused on research, clinical care, education, and policy pertaining to individuals with addiction or unhealthy substance use.
The Yale Global Health Ethics Network seeks to convene a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders from across the University to focus on setting standards for student and trainee global health ethics education; support global health research and clinical education efforts; and serve as a resource for the Yale University community with respect to ethical engagement with global partners around health.
Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases (NGN) is a set of junior Yale faculty who have joined together to form a transdisciplinary, collaborative, on-campus network that addresses the global scourge of NCDs.
The Yale Global Surgery Network aims to bring together Yale faculty in surgical and affiliated fields to improve health equity for people internationally through improved access to surgical care, education, research, and advocacy.
MalarYale is a transdisciplinary research group with a comprehensive approach to combating malaria that includes Yale faculty from across the University.
The Planetary Health Network convenes faculty from across campus, with a focus on the health of human civilization and the state of the natural systems on which it depends.
Centered at Makerere University and in other rural areas of the country, Yale faculty have been collaborating with colleagues in Uganda on a wide range of issues in global health.
The Yale Network for Vaccine Initiatives (YNVI) is committed to improving population health through research, training, and service activities that promote vaccination across the lifespan.