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YIGH Talks

Past Events

"Data is not the end point but where we need to act and act swiftly." - Jennifer Nuzzo

In this panel, Drs. Saad Omer, Anne Rimoin, Akiko Iwasaki, and Nathan Grubaugh discussed monkeypox, how concerned we should be in the U.S. and around the world, and measures that state, national, and international organizations are taking to monitor and address this issue.

In this talk, Dr. Nuwayhid discussed the current and future public health challenges in the Arab world, with a focus on Lebanon, in a historical and political context, and shared stories of hope and resilience.

During this talk, Dr. Olusoji Adeyi discussed the roots of these weaknesses and contradictions; how geo-politics, power dynamics, knowledge gaps, racism, and corruption affect global health; and why foreign aid for health is due for a radical overhaul.