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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a YIGH Affiliated Faculty member to apply?
Yes, please contact Michael Skonieczny for more information about the benefits and requirements to become a YIGH affiliated faculty member.
I am not a member of a YIGH Faculty Network, but I would like to join. What do I do?
Visit the YIGH Faculty Network page and contact the lead faculty member for the Network you are interested in joining. Each network has their own membership requirements and can provide you with details on how to join. A strong proposal will be related to strengthening a YIGH Faculty Network or the Network’s focus area.
I am a member of a YIGH Faculty Network, but my project is unrelated to the network. Is the project still eligible?
A strong proposal will be related to strengthening a YIGH Faculty Network or the Network’s focus area, will increase interdisciplinary collaborations between network members, and describe a pathway to future funding opportunities.
Are secondary faculty appointments considered for eligibility requirements?
Yes, the faculty and trainees on the project should leverage multiple disciplines including those outside the health sciences. If a faculty member has multiple appointments, secondary appointments will be taken into consideration to meet eligibility requirements.
What is an acceptable implementation timeline for a proposal?
Activities must be initiated by December 31st of the year the award is given. There is no restriction on the length of a proposed project, but most fall within 12 to 24 months.
Are projects required to have an international or non-US focus?
No, there is no geographic restriction applied to proposals. All projects which focus on health equity between and within countries, leverage multiple disciplines, bridge population and individual level health outcomes, and/or emphasize transnational issues or solutions will be considered.
Can the budget include salary effort?
Using the budget for faculty members’ salary effort is strongly discouraged, but may be consider with strong justification.
Can the budget include support for a student or trainee to work on the project?
Yes, proposals are required to include a plan for engaging students or trainees in the proposed work. The award budget may be used to support these students’ work and/or travel if required.
Who are the reviewers?
YIGH Affiliated faculty from across campus will be invited to serve on a review committee.

For questions about the YIGH Faculty Networks contact Jeremy Schwartz.

For questions about the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award process or eligibility contact Nikole Allen.

Are biosketches required?
No, biosketches are not required for the Hecht proposals.