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A Successful GHES Applicant

Exploring LMIC Institutions and Obtaining Endorsement
A prospective applicant should dedicate at least six weeks to prepare an application. A competitive applicant will spend considerable time in contact with potential US and LMIC mentors to secure a letter of commitment. These applicants must also obtain endorsements of researchers (mentor principal investigators) already affiliated with the GHES in order to apply.

The GHES has a network of more than 100 principal investigators who can serve as a mentor in an application. To obtain endorsement, please communicate directly with principal investigators at the affiliated US campus and the LMIC institution you are considering. The following steps will guide you on how to identify someone who can potentially endorse and commit to being a mentor in your fellowship.

1. Explore LMIC Institutions and Research Areas
  • Explore the Research Sites the GHES offers as well as the Research Areas
  • Identify mentors at LMIC institutions performing research you are interested in
  • Consider a research area that will allow for a fellowship project that can be completed within 12 months
2. Contact and Network with GHES Mentors
  • Prepare professional documents, including your CV, NIH Biosketch, and research project abstract, to share with potential mentors
  • Contact via email and/or Skype conference principal investigators at the affiliated US campus and LMIC institution you are considering
  • Secure a letter of commitment from a US and LMIC mentor
3. Prepare to Apply
  • Review and complete your application to the GHES Fellowship program
  • Regularly communicate with your GHES mentor to ensure their involvement as you complete the application
  • Outline with GHES mentors what they should include in their detailed letter of support, which defends your strengths for this fellowship