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A Successful GHES Applicant

Exploring LMIC Institutions and Obtaining Endorsement
Applicants should plan to dedicate at least six weeks to prepare their application. A competitive applicant will spend considerable time in contact with potential U.S. and LMIC mentors to build or strengthen their professional relationship. Mentors should also give input on the research proposal and provide a letter of support for the applicant.

Applicants may already have mentors in mind who are not affiliated with GHES. In this case, the applicant must obtain the endorsement of the designated U.S. and LMIC mentors that are affiliated with the research training site. The GHES mentors must approve the applicant’s proposed research project and mentors. The non-GHES mentors must be willing to work collaboratively with the GHES designated mentors.

GHES has a large network of U.S. and LMIC mentors who work across a variety of research areas at the LMIC collaborating sites. The following steps will guide you on how to identify someone who can potentially endorse and commit to being a mentor in your fellowship.

1. Explore Collaborating LMIC Sites and Research Areas
  • Explore the GHES research training sites as well as their corresponding research areas. Some sites specialize in particular topics, and you should make sure your interests are aligned with the site’s focus.
  • Identify GHES mentors at the research training sites performing research you are interested in.
  • Consider a research area that will allow for a fellowship project that can be completed within 12 months. It is important to propose a research project that is feasible to do in on year.
2. Contact and Network with GHES Mentors
  • Prepare professional documents, including your CV, NIH Biosketch, and research project abstract to share with potential mentors.
  • Contact the designated GHES mentors who are affiliated with the LMIC research training site you are applying to. Request a letter of support from a GHES U.S. and LMIC mentor
3. Apply
  • Complete your application and upload the required supplemental materials.
  • Maintain regular communication with your GHES mentors to ensure their involvement as you complete the application. Your mentors should give their input on your research proposal.
GHES applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Candidate background (education, research, publications, international experience, language)
  • Career statement (evidence of commitment to global health research)
  • Research proposal (feasibility, context, and contribution to global health research)
  • US and LMIC mentors (mentor background, research training experience, publications, commitment to mentoring the applicant)