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Programs Overview

The Yale Institute for Global Health (YIGH) is a catalyst for interdisciplinary global health research and a center to develop and support innovative educational programs. YIGH expedites the translation of scientific discoveries into better health for all by providing opportunities to connect and collaborate, and a space to inspire innovative solutions to pressing global health challenges.

As the focal point of global health at Yale, YIGH offers a variety of programs that span the University. Funding opportunities for faculty include the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award and the Sustainable Health Initiative (SHI). Through the Hecht Award, seed funding is available for Yale faculty to nurture new, interdisciplinary collaborations and networks with a goal of securing larger grants and awards. Started in 2019, SHI is a program that includes seed capital, mentorship, and participation in a business accelerator program based in Bangalore, India.

YIGH also provides students with opportunities to explore their interests in global health. The Leadership in Global Health Fellowship prepares the future generation of global health professionals through a comprehensive, multi-faceted program that includes: participation in a leadership seminar and ethics training; service learning opportunities with YIGH programs; and placement in a high-impact internship with ministries of health, multilateral global health organizations, or large-scale global health non-profits. The Global Health Ethics Program, provides students and trainees access to workshops and other activities to help manage the ethical challenges that often arise in the clinical setting and global health research.

Fostering YIGH faculty networks ranks high among YIGH’s priorities. A YIGH faculty network refers to a group of Yale faculty members who coalesce to form a long-term, collaborative academic and/or research partnership centered on a thematic or geographic area. Faculty in a network identify as members and share collective goals to forge new, interdisciplinary collaborations to tackle some of the most intractable issues in global health. Examples of YIGH Faculty Networks include the Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases (NGN), and the Yale-Uganda Faculty Network. YIGH convenes the networks to share information; develop research, training, and other programs; and pursue funding opportunities such as the Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award and other external sources of funding.