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Mysore, India

Site Institution: Public Health Research Institute of India (PHRII)
U.S. Institution: University of Arizona
Research Areas: Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases; Cervical Cancer; Maternal Child Health; HIV/AIDS, STIs; Slum Health And Health Disparities In Rural Populations

Site Description:
Mysore has six different sites and collaborations with the Government of India National Rural Health Mission and the District AIDS Prevention Control Unit (DAPCO). Florida International University (FIU) and UC Berkeley have long-standing research and training collaborations in Mysore focused on slum health and health disparities in rural populations. The consortium has experienced faculty mentors currently conducting laboratory, clinical, epidemiological, and community-based research. In addition, PHRII, one of the local collaborators, operates an active training program originally funded by NIH Fogarty AIDS International Training Research Program (1-D43-TW00003-16) and has hosted over 30 US trainees from universities including UC Berkeley, UCSF, Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt, among others.

PHRII has more than 5,000 square feet of office space with conference rooms, a training center, and a teleconferencing facility. PHRII is equipped with six desktop computers and two laptop computers on a Wireless LAN connected to the worldwide web. Additionally, the institute has two network printers, two scanners, and a network server for data backup. PHRII equipment and software are maintained through by a local software consulting company. The office also includes a kitchenette and guest room for visiting scholars. PHRII carries out community outreach, education and research programs throughout Mysore Taluk. To support those efforts the institute has an LCD projector, two laptop computers, screens, four handheld GPS systems, and one Maruti 8-seater van.

PHRII Serology, Microbiology, and Molecular laboratories are located in an air-conditioned 1500 sq. ft. space at the institute’s headquarters in Yadavgiri, Mysore. Dr. Anjali Arun, a Pathologist with more 20 years of experience, oversees the Masters-level technicians at the facility. Equipment includes a -80 freezer, two refrigerators, an ELISA reader and washer, a biosafety cabinet, a thermal cycler, an electrophoresis system, a photo-documentation system, precision balances, vortex apparatus, centrifuges, an all-purpose autoclave, a VDRL rotator, multichannel pipettes, regular pipettes and pipettors, an incubator, trinocular and binocular microscopes, and all the equipment required to carry out basic microbiology and biochemistry procedures for diagnosis of STI, HIV and other infectious diseases. In addition, the laboratory has an uninterruptible power supply capable of providing six hours of backup, as well as a portable generator to ensure uninterrupted operation of -80 freezer.

PHRII operates the Prerana Reproductive Health Clinic in a 1000 square foot. facility located in an urban slum in central Mysore City. The clinic has two fully equipped clinician examination rooms, a stat lab, two counseling rooms, and a waiting room. Equipment includes a computer, printer, scanner, incubator, binocular microscope, refrigerator, sterilizer and microwave oven. The clinic is open four days each week and is staffed by two female doctors, two nurses, a social worker, and a laboratory technician.