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2021 Leadership in Global Health Fellows

Ximena Benavides, YLS ‘22: Ximena worked with GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance, and focused on the COVAX facility in Latin America. She also worked in collaboration on accelerating the development and manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine and guaranteeing fair and equitable access in low- and middle-income countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Megan Briggs, B.S. '23: Megan was the Climate Change and Health Fellow at Save the Children in their department of global health. She supported the Climate and Health Advisor to develop institutional, technical, and strategic guidance and support to Save the Children’s global work to mitigate and address the impact of climate change on health.
Timothy DeVita, YSM resident: Timothy worked with UNICEF through the Maternal Newborn Adolescent Health Unit, Health section, Programme Division. He helped build health education products, advocacy and policy briefs, and facilitated conversations with various stakeholders at UNICEF.
Paige Farrenkopf, YSPH ’22: Paige joined the Maternal, Newborn, and Reproductive Health in Emergencies Team with Save the Children. She analyzed data on reproductive health care services and resources available to women and children in high-conflict regions of Yemen.
Sydney Gray, B.S. ‘23: Sydney worked with the World Bank as a COVID-19 Vaccine and Primary Health Care Fellow. She specifically worked with the Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) group to synthesize epidemiological evidence and lessons from the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to provide guidance on the most effective service delivery solutions for vaccines and to support widespread uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations in low and middle-income countries.
Yousof Omeish, B.A. ’22: Yousof worked with the World Bank as a COVID-19 Vaccine and Primary Health Care Fellow. Yousof provided analytical and technical support for COVID-19 vaccine implementation and PHC strengthening for vaccine roll-out.
Jessica Tuan, YSM fellow: Jessica worked with the World Bank to expand upon her underlying interests in global health. She focused on the development of healthcare infrastructure and capacity building on a global scale, particularly with regard to equitable delivery of COVID-19 vaccines and primary healthcare.
Joseph Williams, YSPH ‘22: Joseph joined GAVI/COVAX as an Immunization Financing and Sustainability Fellow. He delivered data analysis on immunization financing to support and inform strategy development to allow equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination across the globe.