Danya Keene, PhD

Assistant Professor of Public Health (Social & Behavioral Sciences)

Research Departments & Organizations

Diabetes Research Center

School of Public Health: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Research Interests

Chronic Disease; Health Policy; Urban Health

Research Summary

My research broadly explores how social policies contribute to health inequality, with a particular focus on issues related to housing and place. For example, my prior research has examined how urban revitalization and public housing demolition affect the health of low-income African American communities in Chicago, Atlanta and nationally. My research has also examined linkages between home foreclosure, mortgage strain and health. I am also interested in social stigma and its relationship to geographic and social inequality. For example, my work has examined negative representations of place or ‘spatial stigma’ as an understudied mechanism that connects places to the health of their residents. In my current work, I am using qualitative interviews and nationally representative data to examine relationships between affordable housing access and type 2 diabetes outcomes.

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