The 2000s

Other epilepsy fellows including Drs. Ami Katz, James Thompson, David Tkeshalashvili, and Evan Fertig (recently worked with Dr. Fuki Hisama to identify a new genetic mutation in a family with autosomal dominant auditory temporal lobe epilepsy) stayed on the faculty temporarily to help the program for a few years before entering private practice.

More recently, Dr. Hal Blumenfeld stayed on the faculty and has had special interest in SPECT Imaging. His work on consciousness was recognized by the prestigious Dreifuss/Penry Award at the American Academy of Neurology in 2004 as the outstanding young investigator.

In 2000, Dr. Ken Vives, a former Yale Medical School graduate and Yale neurosurgery resident joined the team to work with Dr. Dennis Spencer. He followed earlier collaboration by Dr. Diana Kramer, an epilepsy neurosurgeon who left to practice in Seattle.

The Yale Epilepsy Center continues to have a multidisciplinary team of epileptologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, nurses, and EEG technologists. Dr. Scott Winstanley and his team have continued a forty-year history of contributions initiated by Drs. David Glass, Robert Novelly, Richard Delaney and Michael Westerveld and others to diagnosis, research and care for epilepsy patients.

In summary, the Yale Epilepsy Center was one of the very first, a pioneer in epilepsy intensive monitoring, epilepsy surgery, antiepileptic drug pharmacology and clinical trial methodology. Associated clinical research has been an integral of the program. Many national and international awards have recognized this work. Finally, training the future leaders in epilepsy diagnosis, research and care continues to be a high priority.