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Challenge 3: Testing and Distributing a Vaccine

Learning Targets:

  • I can identify testing parameters for a vaccine.
  • I can prioritize factors to consider for vaccine distribution.
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Activity 1 - Implementing a vaccination program

Brainstorm & Discuss

  • What parameters of a coronavirus vaccine should be tested?
  • How could these parameters be tested?


COVID-19 vaccine makers seek diversity in clinical trials in Connecticut and elsewhere

  • Based on your review of the FDA guidelines and understanding of diversity in clinical trials, modify your brainstormed list of parameters.

Activity 2 - Distribution Decisions

Answer & Discuss:

  • What factors need to be considered when planning for the distribution of a vaccine? Prioritize the factors you identified.
  • Should people who are the most vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 be given priority for vaccination? Consider the elderly in nursing homes, the incarcerated, and the undocumented. Cite 3 sources that support your claim.