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Challenge 2: How can we transition from “What We Feel” to “How We Cope”?

Learning Targets:

  • I can model the process of emotion contagion to explain how it works.
  • I can give examples of specific effects of emotion contagion occurring during the pandemic.
  • I can explain “self-disclosure” and predict its possible benefits for coping in challenging situations.

Time Required: 45-60 minutes



Wharton Ready Livecast Series: Emotion Contagion with Sigal Barsade


Reflect & Discuss

  • Research has shown that high smartphone use is related to more loneliness when it is passive scrolling, but less loneliness when one engages with others.
  • You also read research about what makes happy and unhappy days. Discuss how you can apply this research.


  • Get together with a friend and share ideas for how to cope with the pandemic challenge.