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Challenge 5: Review & Reflect



Based on the information you learned in Module 1, which is an example of a pandemic? (Select all that apply)

  • 1918, H1N1 virus (“Spanish Flu”)
  • 1957 H2N2 virus (“Asian Flu”)
  • 2009, H1N1 virus (“Swine Flu”)
  • 2019, coronavirus (“COVID-19”)


  • Visit Medline Plus. Find “Health Topics,” and locate “Coronavirus Infections.” Which institutions or websites are listed to get more information on this topic?


  • Use one of the resources above provided by Medline Plus (CDC or NIH). Write down on piece of information you learned about how COVID-19 is spread:

Reflect & Discuss



  • If the seasonal flu virus changes every year and it has a global spread, why is it not considered a pandemic?

This about scale and geography. What is unique about a pandemic?