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Challenge 2: How can I evaluate information I encounter online?

Learning Targets:

  • I understand ways to evaluate information online
  • I can recognize credible sources of information
  • I understand how to verify information accuracy
Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes

Activity 1: What is Credible?


Read: 2 articles

Reflect & Discuss

  • With a partner, consider the three sources below:
  • As a team, respond to these questions:
    • Where is each resource published online?
    • If you can find a publication date, what is it?
    • Is the author or contributor a person or an organization? Name the author and/or the organization.
    • Has the author or contributor written about COVID-19 previously? What other topics have they written about?
    • Do any of the resources include evidence? If so, what is the evidence, and can you access it?

Reflect & Share

  • As a team, complete the sentences below
    • Evaluating information is important because...
    • Evaluating information about COVID-19 is important because...
    • Two ways that anyone can evaluate information about COVID-19 include...