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Module 1: What is a Pandemic?

The Story...

It’s Friday after school. Tash, Ray, and June walk down the street in New Haven… Tash is feeling unusually hot and uncomfortable, and seems to have a fever. They go to the nurse’s office (they are wearing masks) and the nurse tells them about the coronavirus that is going around. They Google “fever” and search results gradually lead them to “coronavirus” and “pandemic”, and “R0.”

What is R0? Activities in the challenges below will lead to the answer and more about pandemics.

Performance Expectations

  • Differentiate between a pandemic and epidemic.
  • Analyze and interpret epidemiological data.
  • Perform calculations in order to accurately compare data.
  • Create graphical representations of data.
  • Identify and use credible sources to find data to support a conclusion.
  • Model disease spread and learn how preventative measures impact outbreak intensity.

Module 1 Challenges