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Challenge 1: How Does the Pandemic Make Us Feel?

Learning Targets:

  • I can distinguish between social isolation and loneliness.
  • I can infer the design of a descriptive investigation based on information provided in infographics that present study findings.
Time Required: 45-60 minutes

Review & Discuss

Results from a 2018 study of loneliness presented in 2 “Loneliness in the Workplace” Infographics

  • Loneliness in the Workplace Fact sheet
  • Loneliness in the Workplace Infographic
    • What does the infographic tell us about the level of loneliness prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic?
    • How was “loneliness” measured in this investigation?
    • What other variables (other than loneliness) were assessed by the questionnaire?
    • What conclusions from the study are presented in this report?
    • Only adults were subjects in this investigation. In what ways do you see its conclusions relating to you and high school students?

Reflect & Write

  • What are the differences between social isolation and loneliness? Discuss ways that social isolation can affect loneliness.
  • A research study surveyed the same group of people in February (before the pandemic), in mid March (at the beginning of the pandemic), and in late April (over a month into the pandemic) and did not find significant changes in loneliness.
    • What would you hypothesize about these findings?
    • Why do you think there were no significant changes in loneliness rates?
    • What is your prediction about whether significant changes in loneliness rates exist now, many months into the pandemic?


  • Share your hypotheses about the changes in loneliness with the prolonged social isolation during COVID-19 pandemic.