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Challenge 1: What is Contact Tracing?

Learning Targets:

  • I can define “contact tracing.”
  • I can describe ways that contact tracing has developed over time.

Activity 1: An Introduction to Contact Tracing

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Watch, Listen, & Record Ideas

As you view 3 introductory videos about Contact Tracing and listen to a segment of a podcast, begin your personal “I Notice… / I Wonder… Chart.” It will be useful in future discussions throughout this module.



Share & Consolidate

  • Contribute your ideas to help create a class “I Notice… / I Wonder… Chart”.


  • Based on the class chart, identify some facts and concepts about Contact Tracing that you’ve learned about already and predict more ideas that you expect to investigate in the rest of this module.


  • Based on what you’ve figured out so far, define Contact Tracing in your own words and describe the purpose of this public health strategy.

Activity 2: Is Contact Tracing something new?

Estimated Time: 60 minutes


History of Contact Tracing: Past Present and Future



  • Based on the information provided by these and other resources you may locate, create an evidence-based model that explains contact tracing use throughout history, i.e.; a timeline, poster, or other visual representation. (Work with a partner or in a small group if possible.)

Review & Provide Feedback

  • Post all of the class products for viewing. Critically review each of them and use sticky notes (real or virtual) with comments and/or questions to communicate productive feedback. Remember: This process should be about recognizing great ideas, providing useful suggestions, or asking for clarification.

Examine & Revise

  • In your working group, look at the feedback provided by your classmates and decide if and how to make improvements. Complete revisions as needed.


  • Debrief this entire experience through a whole class discussion. The following prompts may be helpful:
    • What do you know now that you didn’t know before this activity?
    • What were some features of the class products that made them particularly informative or easy for you to understand?
    • Which part of the process did you find most challenging?


  • The title of this activity is: “Is Contact Tracing something new?” Make a claim that responds to this question and provide evidence (citations) that support your claim.