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Challenge 3: How Can We More Effectively Deal With Our Emotions?

Learning Target:

  • I recognize that emotions can be managed using strategies that focus on thought or action.

Time Required: 45-60 minutes

Reflect & Discuss

  • People often define emotion regulation as making oneself feel better or happier. However, emotion regulation does not have to involve making oneself feel better.

  • Think of examples of when you have regulated an emotion (or should have regulated your emotion) that did not have a goal of making yourself feel happier. Think of strategies for regulating different emotions. How could you reduce boredom in the time of the pandemic? How could you increase your feeling of being close with and connected to others? Think of many ideas. Be creative.


  • Write a fictional or factual blog post aimed at students at your school that explains the importance of developing strategies for regulating emotions and offers tips to regulate common emotions during the pandemic.