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Challenge 3: How is scientific knowledge disseminated?

Learning Targets:

  • I can explain why the scientific publication process takes time.
  • I understand the difference between peer reviewed journals and non-scholarly sources.
  • I can identify preprint articles and explain their role in the pandemic information landscape.
Estimated Time: 25 minutes

Activity 1: Understanding the Difference Between Sources

Watch: 2 videos


Read: 2 articles

Reflect, Discuss & Share

  • Step 1: Read the following article from “Trump Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine: Why Experts Say You Shouldn’t
  • Step 2: With a partner, create a list of the people, organizations, and other sources referenced in the article. After you have created the list, circle the reputable sources.
  • Step 3: With a partner, answer the following questions:
    • Is the article you read from peer reviewed?
    • When was the article published?
    • How long do you think it took the author to write and publish this article?
    • From the list of sources you created, which of the reputable sources would be considered “peer reviewed” journals?
  • Step 4: With a partner, pretend you are talking with your friends and family. In 2-3 sentences, explain to them why peer review is important and how they can identify peer reviewed material to fact check information about COVID-19.