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Challenge 3: What are some of the inequities in the healthcare system magnified by COVID-19?

Learning Targets:

  • I can identify and describe social determinants of health.
  • I can use evidence to explain how structural inequities make staying healthy more difficult for people in underserved communities to combat COVID-19.
  • I can identify tangible steps to be taken to address structural inequities in the healthcare system.

Activity 1- “Why are health inequities important for everyone?”

What Does Race Have to Do With COVID-19?


Reflect & Answer

  • What are “adaptive mutations”?
  • Give an example of an “ancestry informative marker” associated with a variant.

Activity 2: Interventions for more equitable public health

Reflect & Write/Discuss

  • There are many “partners in public health.” Considering health determinants, how do inequities in these partnerships affect the health of people of color (POC) in poor communities more severely? Name 3-5 sources of data used as evidence to support your claim.. (For example, POC in poor communities who don’t have easy access to transportation will have a difficult time getting to a doctor’s appointment.)
  • Given your examples, can you describe an intervention that might solve any of the problems you’ve identified?


  • Your answers in class.


Reflect & Write

  • “Race” is socially constructed.” How has this negatively impacted public health? Cite at least 3 sources of evidence to support your claims.