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Module 9: Vaccine Development

The Story...

While looking up information about treatments for COVID-19 on behalf of their sick friend Tash, Ray and June find out that many different countries and companies are attempting to produce a vaccine for the disease. Though they understand what vaccines are, Ray and June don’t understand how they work. Together they investigate how vaccines work within the human body. How do vaccines produce a resistance to biological pathogens, and how are vaccines discovered and produced?

Performance Expectations:

  1. List the types of organisms and molecules that can make us sick.
  2. Diagram an immune response to the presence of foreign organisms and label the components.
  3. List symptoms of illness during an COVID-19 infection and the possible causes of those symptoms.
  4. Describe the concept of immune memory and its role in making us less susceptible to infection.
  5. Explain how a vaccine generates immunity without making us sick.
  6. Describe how the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine is determined.
  7. Suggest an equitable plan for distributing the vaccine.

Module 9 Challenges