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Module 5: Social Isolation & Stress

The Story...

Tash, Ray, and June have different social/emotional experiences of the pandemic, despite being in the same high school junior year. Ray seems highly stressed and unhappy. Much to his surprise, he actually misses being in school. He was supposed to start as a forward on the soccer team this year, but the season has been canceled. Since Tash tested positive for COVID-19, he is in strict isolation for at least two weeks even though he is asymptomatic. Meanwhile, June is concerned about her stressed-out friends, but she also finds that having less structure is helping her learn about herself and developing new interests. Tash, Ray, and June miss hanging out with each other. It’s difficult to adjust to these new life circumstances. They connect with other friends on the phone and do remote school work together (although socially distanced), but it’s just not the same as being together in person. They talk about how the pandemic experience has influenced them and how it has changed them. How are you coping? What can we do to get through this? Why is this happening?

Performance Expectations

  • Distinguish between social isolation and loneliness.
  • Recognize and utilize the effects of emotion contagion and benefits of self-disclosure for coping.
  • Recognize that emotions can be managed using strategies that focus on thought or action.
  • Identify and utilize strategies for how stress can lead to growth.

Module 5 Challenges