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Biophysical Properties of the Low Threshold Ca2+ Current in Thalamocortical Neurons

Through the use of the whole cell recording technique, John Huguenard and Doug Coulter have characterized the properties of the low threshold Ca2+ current. The voltage dependence and kinetics of this current were then described with mathematical equations and used to form a computational model of this current.

This model is freely available from John Huguenard's Web site.

We also have a book that uses a simplified version of this model to help teach electrophysiological principles.

The computational model of the T-current, plus many other currents in thalamic and cortical neurons are available in:

  • Huguenard, J.R. and McCormick, D.A. (1992) Voltage clamp simulations of currents involved in rhythmic oscillations in thalamic relay neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology, 68: 1373-1383.
  • McCormick, D.A., Wang, Z., and Huguenard, J.R. (1993) Neurotransmitter control of neocortical neuronal activity and excitability. Cerebral Cortex 3: 387-398.