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Changes in IPSPs dominate in enchancing sparseness, while changes in EPSPs dominate in enhancing reliability 

Figure 11. Action potential response to the injection of different random combination of EPSP and IPSP sequences recorded in vivo.

a) Combining EPSPs and IPSPs from CRF stimulation trials results in a dense action potential response.

b) Injection of EPSPs and IPSPs from CRF+nCRF stimulation results in a much sparser action potential response in the model cell, indicating that changes in the synaptic potentials underly this change in action potential response.

c) Injection of the EPSPs from the CRF trials along with the IPSPs from the CRF+nCRF trials also results in a large increase in sparesness, indicating that the changes in IPSPs can mediate this effect.

d) Injection of the EPSPs from the CRF+nCRF trials along with the IPSPs from the CRF alone trials results in an increase in sparseness and reliability also.