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The Stop Stimulus Results in a High Frequency Train of Action Potentials in Fast Spiking Inhibitory Interneurons

Examination of the action potential response of fast spiking interneurons to the start and stop stimuli revealed that the Stop stimulus (which is identical to the start stimulus) results in a high frequency and prolonged discharge of spikes. This high frequency burst of spikes in the GABAergic neuron to the stop stimulus results from depolarized state of the cell during the UP state. Hyperpolarizaton of the cell reveals that the PSP barrages activated by the start and stop stimuli are approximately the same, indicating that the enhanced response during the UP state is the result of the depolarization of the cell.

From: Shu, Y-S., Hasenstaub, A., and McCormick, D.A. (2003) Turning on and off recurrent, balance cortical activity. Nature 423: 288-293.