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The Yale HIV Training Track will follow the same Evaluation process for the Yale GME IM Program. In addition, the resident will be evaluated on HIV specific activities as outlined in the EPA and related checklist

  1. Progress on EPA
  2. Preceptor evaluation of trainee - Standard MedHub
  3. Trainee evaluation of preceptor/program - MedHub
  4. Knowledge/skills assessment:
    1. Outpatient continuity clinic
    2. Donaldson inpatient rotation
    3. Baseline and in-training knowledge assessment exam
    4. Pre and Post Test
    5. Standardized patient-OSCE
    6. On-line module scores
    7. Mini CEX- Direct observation: HIV testing and counseling, Pap smear, ARV initiation, HIV genotype interpretation, HIV risk counseling, etc.
    8. Resident portfolio
    9. Procedure log
    10. Performance improvement project
  5. Multi-source Feedback
    1. Chart audit
    2. HIV performance measures
    3. Patient satisfaction survey
    4. Staff and faculty feedback
  6. AAHIVMedicine certification