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Diversity Committee

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

In 2016, the Department of Internal Medicine's Diversity Committee was formed by Dr. Inginia Genao to improve the retention and recruitment of underrepresented minority faculty and trainees by expanding outreach efforts both within and outside of Yale.

Members include medical students, residents, faculty, business professionals from different medicine sub-specialties. The work of the committee and subsequent sub-committees has focused on diversifying the faculty pipeline through trainee recruitment efforts.

To increase the diversity of the trainee pipeline, committee members are also visiting HBCUs across the U.S. to share all that Yale has to offer and encourage medical students to learn more about Yale by speaking to our faculty and trainees, and completing away electives at Yale School of Medicine.

The Diversity Committee At-Large is a group of all interested individuals.

Special Advisory Group

The ODEIM created the DEI Special Advisory Group (DEI SAG) for individuals interested in advising or working on time-limited DEI projects. Members can propose initiatives and seek collaborators with the time and interest to work on time-limited projects. This approach makes flexible and efficient use of everyone's time and skills to contribute to our DEI efforts.

If you are interested in signing up, please fill out this interest form for the DEI SAG.