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Clinical Team

We highly value our interdisciplinary collaboration as a team. We believe the resources and expertise we all contribute lead to the delivery of higher quality patient and family care and allow us to better support our health care provider colleagues.

Team Vision

A collaborative interdisciplinary team leading and modeling excellence through compassion, resilience, innovation, patient care, education and research.

Team Members

  • 7 full-time palliative care physicians
  • 7 full-time advance practice nurses (1 inpatient and 2 outpatient)
  • 1 full-time physician assistant (inpatient)
  • 4 full-time social workers (inpatient and outpatient)
  • 2 full-time bereavement coordinators
  • 1 full-time pharmacist
  • 2 full-time chaplain (inpatient)
  • 4 part-time palliative care physicians
  • 1 part-time fellowship program coordinator
  • 1 part-time chaplain (outpatient)
  • 1 part-time nurse service coordinator
  • 2 part-time clinic nurses
  • 1 part-time psychologist