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Writing and Medicine Grand Rounds Speakers

Each January, the Department of Medicine sponsors a "Writing and Medicine" Grand Rounds which features various physician-authors.

  • 2004 Abraham Verghese, MD, author of My Own Country, The Tennis Partner, and Cutting for Stone.
  • 2005 Richard Selzer, MD, author of Letters to a Young Doctor (1982), The Doctor Stories (1998), Taking the World in for Repairs (1986), The Whistler’s Room (2007), and many other collections.
  • 2006 Anna Reisman, MD, Yale Internal Medicine Residency Writers’ Workshop leader whose articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Discover Magazine, and elsewhere.
  • 2007 Sherwin Nuland, MD, author of The Soul of Medicine (2009), Doctors: The Biography of Medicine (1988), How We Die: Reflections on Life’s Final Chapter (1994), Lost in America: A Journey with My Father (2003), and many other books.
  • 2008 Lisa Sanders, MD, "Diagnosis" columnist for The New York Times Magazine, author of The Perfect Fit Diet: Combine What Science Knows About Weight Loss With What You Know About Yourself (2005) and Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis (2009).
  • 2009 Danielle Ofri, MD, author of Singular Intimacies: Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue, Incidental Findings: Lessons from My Patients in the Art of Medicine (2005), and the forthcoming Medicine in Translation: Journeys with My Patients (2010).
  • 2010 Perri Klass, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Journalism at NYU, author of Baby Doctor, A Not Entirely Benign Procedure, Letters to a Young Doctor, and many other books.
  • 2011 Stephen Bergman, MD, aka Samuel Shem, author of the novels House of God, Mount Misery, and The Spirit of the Place, and the play, Bill W. and Dr. Bob.
  • 2012 Rafael Campo, MD, author of The Other Man Was Me, What the Body Told, The Healing Art: A Doctor's Black Bag of Poetry, and more.
  • 2013 Pauline Chen, MD, author of Final Exam: A Surgeon's Reflections on Mortality, and the New York Times Doctor and Patient columnist.
  • 2014 Louise Aronson, MD, author of History of the Present Illness,
  • 2015 Sayantani DasGupta, MD, MPH, core faculty member of Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and author of several books including Her Own Medicine: A Woman's Journey from Student to Doctor,
  • 2016 Terrence Holt, MD, author of the short story collections Internal Medicine and In the Valley of the Kings
  • 2017 Suzanne Koven, MD, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Writer-in-Residence, Massachusetts General Hospital January 26, 2017 Yale Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, Reading Kafka in the Hospital Cafeteria: How Literature Can Enhance Medical Practice.
  • 2018 Marjorie Rosenthal, MD, MPH Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine. January 18, 2018 Yale Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, Writing from Both Sides of the Stethoscope.
  • 2019 Rita Charon, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Founder and Executive Director of the Program in Narrative Medicine, Columbia University.