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Resident Resources

This section of our site provides current residents in the HIV Training Track critical information about the program, materials, and serves as a gateway to MedHub where you will find additional materials and log your progress through the track.

Online Resources

Residents can find online module cases at link below. Specific cases will be assigned through, Medhub to be completed that will complement the EPA goals. Residents should make sure to complete the CME process at the end of each case that will serve as record of completion as well as give them CMEs throughout the 3 year training!


Access the most up-to-date HIV treatment guidelines and management of opportunistic infections, screening and more.

Historical Materials

The library was created by the Yale AIDS Program faculty and Infectious Disease fellows. It houses a wealth of movies and must read books that will be reviewed at the HIV Training Program extracurricular gathering “ART and HIV”. The purpose of this library is bringing to life the epidemiology and the history of the HIV disease and bridging the intergenerational views in caring for HIV-infected patients.


  • The Origins of AIDS
  • Albert Camus, The Plague
  • Ron Bayer and Gerald Oppenheimer. The AIDS Doctors
  • Ron Bayer and Gerald Oppenheimer, Shattered Dreams
  • Peter Selwyn, After the Fall
  • Abigail Zuger, Strong Shadows
  • Abraham Verghese , My Own Country
  • Randy Shilts, And the Band Played On
  • Sizwe’s Test – Johnny Steinberg, 2008
  • Cry, the Beloved Country - Alan Paton, 1948
  • Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela, 1995
  • Heart of Redness - Zakes Mda, 2002
  • History of South Africa - Leonard Thompson, 2001
  • My Traitor's Heart - Rian Malan, 1991
  • Shattered Dreams?: An Oral History of the South African AIDS Epidemic - Gerald Oppenheimer and Ronald Bayer, 2007
  • Remaking a Life
  • Wise Before The Time
  • Blindspot


  • Renata Simone. The Age of AIDS, Frontline
  • Renata Simone, AIDS in black America, Frontline
  • Staffan Hildebrand, Passing the Torch
  • Staffan Hildebrand, From Stigma to Hope
  • Life, Above All (2010)
  • Thing with No Name (2007) (Sara Friedland)
  • Tsotsi (2004)
  • Yesterday (2005)
  • Invictus (2009)
  • Cry, the Beloved Country (1995)
  • Sarafina (1992)
  • And the Band Played On (1993)
  • Philadelphia (1993)
  • Longtime Companion (1989)


  • "WE WERE HERE: Voices From the AIDS Years in San Francisco"
  • “How to survive a plague”


  • Larry Kraemer, Normal Heart
  • Tony Kushner, Angels in America
  • Athol Fugard, Coming Home


The Yale HIV Training Track will follow the same Evaluation process for the Yale GME IM Program. In addition, the resident will be evaluated on HIV specific activities as outlined in the EPA and related checklist

  1. Progress on EPA
  2. Preceptor evaluation of trainee - Standard MedHub
  3. Trainee evaluation of preceptor/program - MedHub
  4. Knowledge/skills assessment:
    1. Outpatient continuity clinic
    2. Donaldson inpatient rotation
    3. Baseline and in-training knowledge assessment exam
    4. Pre and Post Test
    5. Standardized patient-OSCE
    6. On-line module scores
    7. Mini CEX- Direct observation: HIV testing and counseling, Pap smear, ARV initiation, HIV genotype interpretation, HIV risk counseling, etc.
    8. Resident portfolio
    9. Procedure log
    10. Performance improvement project
  5. Multi-source Feedback
    1. Chart audit
    2. HIV performance measures
    3. Patient satisfaction survey
    4. Staff and faculty feedback
  6. AAHIVMedicine certification

Need further assistance?

If you require further assistance with documents on this page, please contact:

Amber Lenihan
HIV Training Track Program Coordinator & Elective Coordinator
Sr. Administrative Assistant to Dr. Lydia Aoun-Barakat

(203)688-2685 (phone)