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Program Director

To those considering a career or further training in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Congratulations! Ours is a wonderful and rewarding field of medicine, and I hope you will find it as exciting, challenging and rewarding as I have.

Fortunately for the field, the choice of training programs across the country is growing and many of these programs are strong. At Yale, we strive for excellent clinical training combined with educator and leadership training. We focus parts of the curriculum on communication skills and self-care/resilience. All fellows pursue scholarly projects, whether in quality or systems improvement, clinical research, or education. We make every effort to match interests with resources and provide focused mentoring. One major strength of our local setting is the very rapid pace of change in our clinical program growth. Our fellowship is an opportunity to see significant program development in action over a one year period. The time goes by very quickly. Another strength is the potential opportunity for two to three years of additional palliative care focused research training supported by a T32 National Institute on Aging grant in collaboration with our Yale Geriatrics Fellowship colleagues.

If you have an interest in our program, please investigate further. I wish you good luck in your path wherever it takes you!


Laura J. Morrison, MD, FAAHPM