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Complementary Courses and Seminars

Interpersonal Relationships & Leadership in the Workplace (IRLW):

This course is a two-year experience. By the end of the entire course, Scholars will understand the complexities of personal presentation, interpersonal and organizational dynamics, and leadership within the workplace. They will gain actionable techniques for communicating effectively, providing feedback to peers, subordinates, and supervisors, and working harmoniously on teams, and develop their understanding of and capacity to exercise leadership skills and qualities.

Seminars in Health Policy and Delivery (SHPD):

Seminars in which prominent health policy leaders from both the public and private sectors meet with Scholars. Some recent examples of guests include Dan Diamond from Politico, Nancy-Ann DeParle from Consonance Capital, Troyen Brennan from CVS Health, and Elliot Sussman, Chair, the Villages.

Writing workshops, including op-ed training:

The writing seminar series is designed to train Scholars to write effectively for scientific, lay, and regulatory audiences in order to ensure that their research findings and ideas can be positioned within the scientific and public dialogue to have maximum potential impact. There are sessions focused specifically on op-ed training, writing biographies, CV’s, and cover letters, writing research letters, and the multiple aspects of scientific article methods, letter revision and re-submission, and abstracts. The op-ed series is led by prominent physician writers Anna Reisman and Lisa Sanders. During these workshops Scholars will also receive feedback from instructors and discuss publication options that are available. Here are examples of published op-eds that originated in these workshops.

Group mentor breakfasts:

Physician leaders, current faculty, and alumni will meet with Scholars and have informal conversations about their research interests and career paths. This is a great opportunity for our Scholars to have more candid conversations outside of a classroom setting.

Healthcare Leadership Externship (optional):

Scholars have the opportunity to shadow local health leaders in a variety of settings and potential career interest.

Summer Health Policy Internship (optional):

Scholars have the opportunity to spend 4-8 weeks in the summer at an organization in Washington, DC, or the Northeast, that is involved in health policy issues of potential career interests.

Teaching opportunities at the Schools of Medicine and/or Public Health (optional)