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Maria Elvira Restrepo-Toro, MS

Project Manager Training and Education


Maria E. Restrepo-Toro, BNS, MS is a nationally recognized leader, educator and trainer in the fields of Latino behavioral health recovery, psychiatric rehabilitation and cultural competence. She was one of the developers of LET(s)LEAD Academy at Yale. She is currently the project Director of the New England Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (NEMHTTC) and brings her expertise in 1) workforce development in recovery-oriented practices such us person-centered, trauma-informed care and psychiatric rehabilitation interventions; 2) development of peer-run initiatives, training and technical assistance on peer integration practices; and 3) development of culturally appropriate curriculum and web-based training tools. She has trained hundreds of multidisciplinary stakeholders, both nationally and internationally and provided technical assistance in the implementation and dissemination of innovative recovery-based interventions. Lastly, she founded the Latino Initiatives at Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation and established and coordinated the Yale Latino Recovery Colectivo a group committed to the dissemination of recovery oriented, trauma informed and evidenced based initiatives on Latinos(x).

Education & Training

  • MS
    Boston University, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counseling

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