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Danielle Miyagishima

Contact Information

Danielle Miyagishima


Originally from Las Cruces, NM, Danielle earned her BA in Biology at New Mexico State University in 2015 before starting at Yale to pursue her MD-PhD later that year. In 2017, she began her PhD in Genetics and joined the laboratory of Dr. Murat Gunel, where she is focusing on employing various single-cell and next generation sequencing technologies to understand the molecular basis of meningioma tumorigenesis and microenvironment. After completing her joint degrees, Danielle hopes to go on to train in neurosurgery, where she aspires to emulate her mentors in becoming an active neurosurgeon-scientist.

Danielle is an active member of the Yale community and is dedicated to mentorship and encouraging others to pursue the surgeon-scientist training. She is a co-founder of the Yale Neurosurgery Interest Group, the Cushing Society and has served as a member of Diversity and Inclusion Committees of the MD-PhD program (past) and Yale Neurosurgery Department (present), as well as on the MD Admissions committee. She is a Graduate Affiliate of Berkeley College, where she serves as a mentor to Yale College students and enjoys teaching Human Anatomy as a TA and tutoring students in biology and chemistry as a private tutor.