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The Cushing Society

As one of the “fathers of neurosurgery,” Yale Sterling Professor, Dr. Harvey W. Cushing (1869-1939), pioneered the development of many fundamental neurosurgical techniques, allowing neurosurgery to become the autonomous surgical discipline it is today. In honor of his legacy and dedication to teaching, the Yale Neurosurgery Department has founded a Student Society focused on mentorship throughout the Yale scientific and medical communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cushing Society is to foster a direct educational and research interface between Yale undergraduates and medical students with neurosurgery residents and faculty. To accomplish this, the Cushing Society is dedicated to:

  1. Building a mentoring network and community that spans all levels of neurosurgical training and interest, allowing students access to work closely with neurosurgeons and scientists.
  2. Connecting interested, dedicated students to basic science and clinical neurosurgery laboratories to spearhead research projects aimed at pushing our field forward.


  • Build “tripartite” mentorship and research teams consisting of faculty members, residents, and students
  • Encourage student education through inclusion in our frequent Yale neurosurgery conferences
  • Support student travel and research presentations at national neurosurgical meetings
  • Match students with clinical observerships with specific faculty in either the Operating Room or Clinic
  • Partner with Yale Medical Professions Outreach to engage Yale College students
  • Host networking events, facilitating collaboration and community within the Yale medical and scientific communities

Faculty Director: Dr. Kris Kahle

Resident Liaisons/Mentors:
Dr. Stephanie Cheok, PGY 6
Dr. Christopher Hong, PGY 5
Dr. Stephanie Robert, PGY 4

Medical School Co-Presidents:
Danielle Miyagishima
Stefano G. Daniele
Marcus Valcarce-Aspegren
August Allocco
Benjamin Reeves

Any Yale undergraduate or medical student with a demonstrable interest in neurosurgery or neurosurgery-related research, please email: or for more information.