Ad Hoc Gender Equity Task Force

About the Task Force

The Ad Hoc Task Force on Gender Equity at the Yale School of Medicine was formed in 2014 to address issues that impact the career advancement of women faculty in the School and the under-representation of women in leadership positions. They were charged with formulating recommendations to the administration that would enable both short and long term actions directed towards improving gender equity at the Medical School. Among the issues that were examined include: impediments to academic advancement, opportunities for leadership, compensation, and aspects of the work environment, including climate and professional conduct. The Task Force concluded its work in July, 2015 and provided a report to administration.

University and YSM resources Devoted to Individual Concerns

If you need to communicate an individual concern, some of the University and YSM resources devoted to receiving and investigating individual concerns are listed below:

Gender Equity Task Force Members

  • Linda Bockenstedt, MD (Chair)
  • Michael Caplan, PhD, MD 
  • Kimberly Davis, MD. MBA
  • Gary Desir, MD 
  • Gail D’Onofrio, MD 
  • Patrick Lusk, PhD 
  • Jennifer McNiff, MD 
  • Ismene Petrakis, MD 
  • Marina Picciotto, PhD 
  • Carrie Redlich, MD, MPH 
  • Brian R. Smith, MD 
  • Erica Spatz, MD, MHS